Student opportunities


Today, many of the BSM’s students teach at prominent institutions on the international circuit. Many also enjoy careers as Jazz and Opera singers, and even as members in bands. It is always such a joy to hear of students who’ve made it ‘big’ in the world outside. With workshops, master classes, lecture-demonstrations and performances by visiting international artists.


• Monthly performance opportunities in the form of student concerts; playing in the student Orchestra and smaller ensembles.
• Certification by the Associated Board of the Royal Colleges of Music and Trinity College, London.
• Cultural exchange programs with international institutions like the Royal School of Music, Stockholm, Conservatoire of Lausanne, and with music schools in France, Holland & USA in the coming months.


International Artists

The BSM invites international Artistes to experience the rich cultural heritage of India. In fact many of our visiting artistes end up being tourists! But of course, its music and not tourism that we want promoted. Our visiting artistes are not just backpackers, they’re passionate musicians looking for an enriching musical experience beyond their normal scope.



• Hospitality and platforms for artistes who wish to visit India.
• The chance to collaborate with local Artistes, including our Chamber Orchestra and Indian Classical Musicians.
• Teaching positions (short and long term).
• Possibilities of co-operation between the BSM and other overseas institutions.

Indian ArtistsIMG_1502

Although we primarily focus on teaching western music and musical instruments, we believe that music is a universal language. Therefore, as part of our efforts to breach cultural and linguistic borders through musical performances and encounters, the BSM invites Indian Artistes to come forward and become more involved in all our activities.


• Platforms and performance opportunities.
• A chance to play with the BSM Chamber Orchestra.
• Teaching positions.