Music Reach to Disadvantaged Children


Since its inception in 1987, The Bangalore School of Music has been involved in providing music opportunities and education to people from all sections of society. An undying vision of the school involves reaching out to people from economically and socially backward people. In this regard, the School has education programs in the local schools, Orphanges, Social centres etc.

These include:

CREST: Centre for ResearcIMG_2317h, Education, Service and Training for family life promotion. They have a counselling centre and a program for the Girl-Child, where they identify low income families and provide girls in these families with classes in music, math, computer and yoga. High protein drinks are given and family life education given to mothers. Health check ups are given regularly.

The School provides Recorder lessons for girls who are part of the program and we have seen these lessons help them gain confidence, build self-esteem and provide them with the much needed music education.


SHISHU BHAVAN: The Mother Teresa’s home is a haven of hope for homeless and destitute orphans, most of whom who are mentally and physically challenged. They also have an adoption home for babies. Music is used as a therapeutic tool to enhance and improve the limited quality of the lives of these children.

ST. MARY’S ORPHANAGE:  is “a home away from home” for boys who are destitute, orphans, and whose parents are lepers, HIV +, etc. These children have been abandoned, abused and neglected by their own families. They have never experienced love and care. Negation of these boys would turn them into antisocial elements and in the end “a liability” to society but for ‘Home’.



The Institution is dedicated to uplift its children irrespective of caste or creed. Over the last 55 years these boys have been trained to assume a responsible place in society. At present there are 180 boys in the age group of 6 – 18 years. All of them go to a regular school. St. Mary’s Orphanage has a 25 member Brass Band, being conducted as part of the BSM Outreach program. We also have individual guitar and keyboard lessons for the boys.



SUKRUPA: Sukrupa is a 9 year old, registered non-profit charitable organization that addresses the socio-economic development of the disadvantaged in urban and rural Bangalore, India. Sukrupa works with deprived children and young adults, providing a secure environment, schooling and skills training that enable them to escape poverty, slum life, illiteracy, and ignorance. Sukrupa breaks the poverty cycle for these individuals and their families by creating opportunities so that they are able to integrate fully as participants and contributors in mainstream society. Sukrupa’s mission is to help deprived children and young adults escape a background of poverty, slum life, illiteracy, and ignorance thereby creating opportunities for their integration into mainstream society.Approximately 12 – 15 children from Sukrupa attend the children’s choir at the BSM every Saturday.


Aerolex Kannada Medium Government School in Pottery Town :The Bangalore School started starting a singing program for all the kids in school beginning January 2013. In February, a group of 30 children were selected and trained to perform with the prestigious Emmy Award winning Chicago Children’s Choir is a very successfully Concert here in Bangalore.Through the Music Outreach initiatives.

through the Bangalore School of Music, we hope to enhance the cultural and social lives of these children, by providing them an avenue to share music and perform on the concert stage. Music will help these children build self confidence, gain a new skill, improve intelligence, and hopefully, one day, provide a vocation for many of these children. Communication skills are remarkably enhanced, specially for those in the Choirs.