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Piano & Keyboard

The word Piano, a shortened version of the original piano forte - capable of being both ‘soft’ and ‘loud’ -, is believed to have been invented in Italy in the early part of the 18th century. 

The piano has come to occupy a central place both in the theory and expression of Western classical music. It is the one instrument, along with the violin, that many novices start off with when coming to learn the western classical system.


Piano | Electronic Keyboard

Rebecca T Colaco

Head of the Department

Rebecca T Colaco, Head of the Piano Department, Leader of the Early Children’s Music Programmes, Concert Accompanist, and Piano educator at the BSM, is fondly known as ‘Becky’ to all. Becky’s musical qualifications include a Masters in Church Music...



Maxwell P.J.

Electronic Keyboard

Avin Chemmanor


Ruby Alphonse


Abhishek Gnanaraj


Ebenezer Manoraj


Premila Grubb


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