Rebecca Thomas – Head of the Section 

Rebecca T“Becky”, as the world knows her, teaches piano and is a brilliant accompanist, in addition to running a highly successful ‘Early Music’ program for little children, and providing Music Therapy to special needs persons.  She comes from who enjoyed singing during family devotions and in church, and was encouraged by her parents to develop her skill for the glory of God.  Becky’s gift for music blossomed during the 12 years she trained with Mrs Louise Pinto and the 20+ years she has been associated with the BSM.  “Perorming has  helped me to share a God-given talent with others”, says Becky, “while the music therapy enables me to reach out to special needs children and their parents”.  As a performing artiste, Becky looks forward to continually expanding her repertoire and playing with chamber music ensembles.  Above all, her dream is to set up a Music Therapy Centre at the BSM so that the differently-abled can also experience the joy that music brings.


Premila Grubb

As a younIMG_6160g girl, Premila was inspired by watching her teachers play during singing class in school.  She feels that listening to music brings about a sense of well-being, and that learning music improves many other skills in an individual.  Teaching has given her a better insight into the learning process and development of playing skills in young children.  Over the years she has gained from her interaction with other musicians with whom she was able to establish a good rapport.  She plans to continue teaching with the purpose of encouraging young children to learn, play and enjoy classical music.  She takes every opportunity to upgrade her techniques with enrichment courses despite her existing high musical qualifications.

Sheba Kurian 

ShebaSelf-effacing and with a deep love for “all creatures great and small’, Sheba did not have any inspirational sources but merely took her sister’s place at piano class when the former gave up.  Today she is a multi-faceted musician, performing and teaching piano and keyboard at the BSM, besides being adept at the violin, acoustic guitar, the recorder, and drums.  Sheba also does her bit for less-privileged children and trains them very successfully in choral singing.  She considers that music has improved her skill at chess, and has also widened her creativity and broadened her imagination.  Sheba’s plans for the future include composing for a Gospel Band and working in the film industry.

Shree Lakshmi

Shree BSM

Shree Lakshmi started formal piano lessons at the age of 11 under Sr. Mary Judith(LTCL) at Pondicherry.Over the next decade, she appeared for exams in various subjects, including Recorder and Electronic Keyboards through Trinity College of Music, London. Besides having a B.Tech degree, she has completed Grade 8 in Singing, Piano Duet (Exhibition Award winner along with her sister) and has an ATCL in Piano Solo.

She has successfully sent students for Piano, Music Theory, Singing and Choir exams, in Pondicherry as well as Bangalore.Her areas of interest include Musical Knowledge, Aural Awareness and Theory.For the past few years, she has been the resident Aural Training teacher (and sometimes, accompanist) at the Bangalore School of Music.

S.B. Ebenezer Manoraj

Mr Manoramanojj teaches piano andEnglish a  t the Con keyboard.  Convinced that “music is the hallmark of civilization  –  a medium that never fails to articulate the hopes, fears and aspirations of the life and times, both past and present, all at once”, and inspired by performers and teachers he chose a career in music.  Mr Manoraj lists the gains he has experienced from performing and teaching as, “1. A means of livelihood; 2. A profession/vocation to pursue; 3. A medium of expression; 4. The joy of transferring knowledge; 5. The fulfillment arising out of the above; and 6. A road to travel that took (him) from Bangalore to Stuttgart, as also journeys through time and space.”  He successfully executed one of his plans for the future when he passed the Advanced Piano Duet Examination of Trinity Guildhall London with Distinction in 2012.  At present Mr Manoraj has diversified his area of teaching to include Electronic Keyboard and is also attempting Voice Training.  He also possesses a Certificate in Piano Tuning from the Oskar-Walcker Schule, Germany.


Molly Zachariah

DSC_0084Molly began her career teaching music and vent of Jesus a and is a brilliant acnd Mary in Mumbai and, has been associated with the BSM since 1986 as piano teacher and accompanist. She has managed group singing classes for 18 years at the Bangalore International School.

She earned  her M.A and B.Ed from St. Xavier’s College in Bombay and passed the L.T.C.L with Mr. Joseph D’Lima, teacher and leader of the Bombay Philharmonic Orchestra (1960′s). As a part of a five-member BSM team, has visited the Royal College of Music, Sweden in 2003 to study Group Method Techniques, children’s choirs and general principles of Pedagogy.

Molly is presently a consultant in the Western Music Department of Vidya Niketan School, Hebbal. In addition, teaches the piano at the BSM mainly in the 7-15 years category, preparing students for the TCL and RCM exams.



IMG_6217Roshan started off playing drums at home and in school as a student in Coorg, but went on to his real passion, playing the piano, after moving to Mangalore and taking formal lessons.  After completing his BA degree, he shifted to Bangalore to further his musical pursuits. Having joined the BSM as a student, Roshan feels that it is important to pass on his knowledge, in turn, by teaching as a “payback” for the skills he learned.  He has completed his Grade 8 Trinity Guildhall London exam and continues to learn different styles of music.  Roshan is also making his mark as a professional musician on the Bangalore music scene.


Abishek Gnanaraj

AbishekBorn in Pondicherry to a Music loving family in 1993, Abishek joined Cluny Convent, Pondicherry, where he started his musical journey. Here, Abishek learned Piano, keyboard as well as Music theory which opened his eye to the musical world. He then joined the KM Music Conservatory, Chennai” where he learnt Russian Style of performance under Surojeet Chatterji and also learnt Logic pro x, vocals and history of music soon he has begun composing his own songs. Abishek Gnanaraj has been the youngest musician in Pondicherry to have gained Advanced Level Certificates of Trinity College, London in both Piano and Keyboard and is now working toward his Diploma. He was also an Organist at the St. John’s Church, Pondicherry.

This talented Artist has an amazing Bass voice which he uses in many choirs for the Glory of God. Abishek believes that music has an enormous influence on our youth today and strives to give them something positive to enjoy and listen to. He has recently joined the Faculty of The Banglore School of Music and has taken on the responsibility of training a large number of students in both the Keyboard and Piano in addition to assisting the Childrens Choir, the senior Chorale and Singing in the newly constituted “ Male Acapella Group”, under direction of the reputed Swedish singer Jonas Olsson.