Victor Thomas Abraham 


Victor started learning how to sing and play the guitar in school. Today, Victor sings, plays the Guitar, the Piano and the Organ. He says, “I took to voice training first because that was the only instrument I had! The voice is an instrument given to us by God, and we should culture it just like a pearl to make it beautiful and most valuable. It is free and with proper care needs no repair and becomes more valuable as the days and years go by.


Jonas Olsson – Volunteer (Specialist in voice and trains vocal ensembles)

JOJonas started singing in Gothenburg Boys’ Choir (Sweden) at the age of 11 as a boy soprano. He remained with the choir for over 20 years, also holding various positions in the management of the choir such as secretary of the board and chairman of the board. He has studied singing for professor Gunnar Forshufvud at the Gothenburg Conservatory and for Maria Forsström, one of Sweden’s most sought after voice coaches and interpreters. Jonas has sung in some of the most prestigious choirs in Sweden, including the Swedish Chamber Choir, the Gothenburg Cathedral Choir where he is still a member, and others. In India, Jonas has also sung for many years with Madrigals Etc, one of the finest choirs in the country.

As a solo baritone Jonas has made several concerts in Europe as well as in India, specializing in lieder and music from the Romantic period, but also to spread Scandinavian music. He also do sacred music, and has sung solo parts in various masses and requiems, both as countertenor, tenor and baritone.