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The BSM is an equal opportunity Music School founded on the principles of promoting Western Classical Music and more recently Jazz & Contemporary Music as well. In order to bridge cultural and social barriers and thereby spread peace and harmony. To quote renowned Danish Children's Author, Hans Christian Andersen, 'Where words fail Music speaks'


As the world continues to battle the Covid-19 pandemic, we at The BSM stand in solidarity and prayer with individuals and families who have been affected in some way or the other by this unforseen calamity.


At The BSM, we have risen to the challenge of conducting classes online  since the start of the lockdown,  to ensure that  music continues to fill the lives and homes of our students / music lovers and shine a glimmer of hope in these gloomy times.


Our Admin Staff is presently on WFH mode due to the lockdown re imposed in Bengaluru. You can always reach out to any one of us by phone / mobile  or email on the co-ordinates given below and we will try to resolve your query at the earliest :

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