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Bangalore School of Music

The Story

The Bangalore School of Music & Fine Arts (BSM), a registered trust, is a non-profit organisation, committed to education in western classical music, although eastern classical music (Hindustani & Carnatic) are also promoted by means of recitals and workshops, with a view to bringing European and Indian musicians to common fora. At the BSM we see a world where music unites. Established in 1987, the BSM has, over the years, promoted a deeper understanding and appreciation of music. To us, music is a cause, a commitment. The music we teach helps instill discipline, confidence and a sense of self-esteem. To some it is a powerful channel to express emotions, and for many of our students, music has become a profession that has taken them around the globe as cultural ambassadors.

Our Unique 360 Degree Programme

The BSM has a unique 360 degree approach to music development, an integrated circle of music comprising Music Education, Music Promotion via Concerts, Festivals and Seminars, Music Outreach for the Underprivileged, Cross Cultural Dialogues, and Audience Development, all orchestrated in harmony to bring the wonderful powers of music into the everyday lives of our communities.

Learning western classical music, our students train for the British Progressive Music Examinations conducted by Trinity Guildhall London & the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. The brilliant results they bring back are a clear indication of the quality of instruction they have received.A dedicated group of 30 teachers train over 450 young people each year. Musical training is given free to nearly 200 children from economically weaker sections.

All instruments of the Orchestra, Classical Guitar, Pianoforte, Electronic Keyboard & Singing are taught. The long waiting list is a welcome sign of growing interest and we are working on addressing this demand by building more rooms and hiring new teachers.

The Music School organizes over 25-30 concerts featuring local & internationalartistes, thereby enriching the overall musical development of students and the promotion of western classical music among audiences in the city.

Building bridges,crossing oceans and cementing ties via cross-cultural and multi-cultural Festivals has been a commitment of the Music School since its inception in 1987. The last two decades have witnessed Artistes & Scholars coming together at 13 East West Encounters, innumerable public concerts by artistes from 25 countries world-wide, a special concert & event to celebrate 100 years of the Nobel Prize, the EU Delegation visit and concert, two unique Festivals of Switzerland, besides Festivals of Poland and Portugal.

The BSM attracts people from diverse walks of life, spanning various age groups – school and college students, working professionals, as well as retirees, who have always wanted to play an instrument or sing. While most of our instructors are young and enthusiastic, the students also benefit from the experience and guidance of the older faculty members who, nevertheless, retain a youthful attitude. Together, they keep the school alive with music and afire with passion. Our faculty members regularly attend refresher and upgradation programs to improve their pedagogic and performance skills.

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