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Star Strings

Star Strings Orchestra is an ensemble of 20-30 enthusiastic young string players, who come together on a weekly basis to rehearse a variety of music. Founded in 2014, the orchestra's goal is to welcome new musicians into an ensemble as early as possible. Students typically join anywhere between 3-18 months after taking up their instrument.


Their leader is violin teacher Alice Yeadell, and she believes in choosing some very simple repertoire, as well as a few really challenging pieces. She sees this as not only a chance for students to enjoy their music, but also to discover different composers, and learn the basic skills of being an orchestra member: everything from carrying pencils to rehearsals, to watching the conductor, and synchronising bow strokes.


The orchestra typically performs around three or four concerts a year in different venues, often collaborating with students from the recorder, guitar and piano departments.


Forming this orchestra was the idea of Mrs Sunderlal, the BSM's founding director. It was she who had the vision of beginner students performing together, and she even suggested the ensemble's name. Five years later, all the original members have moved on to more advanced ensembles, but the current Star Strings still owes much to Mrs. Sunderlal's inspiration. 

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