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Contemporary Music


This is the School's newest department. It was initiated in direct response to a growing love for jazz and contemporary forms of music shown by young people in India today.    

Our faculty are experienced in many of these genres, most notably jazz. They will guide students to master techniques and compositions for many instruments that include the Guitar, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone and Percussion instruments as suits the genre.



Electric Guitar | Drums & Percussion | Clarinetl Trumpet | Saxophone

Jagadeesh M.R.

Head of the Department

In April 2016, self-taught musician Jagadeesh - Founder / Composer of Bangalore-based World Fusion Jazz Band - MoonArra, set up the School's newest department- the Jazz& Contemporary Music Department...



Ravinder Samuel.jpg


Ravinder Samuel

Carl Turner small.jpg

Drums & percussion

Carl Turner

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