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Cappella Bangalore

Cappella Bangalore - launched in September 2019 - is an all-female voices choir, with 20 members, all with previous experience of singing in choir, and with high ambitions. Their first public performance was in February 2020, together with The Bangalore Men, where they performed the finale of Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy together with Austrian-based piano professor Ms Marialena Fernandes.


In February 2020, the choir performed Faure Requiem, together with The Bangalore Men, and Russian pianist Natallia Kapylova. The choir has done three virtual recitals in 2020 – Lighten our Darkness (June), Days of Beauty (October) and A Virtual Christmas (December) - all together with The Bangalore Men and instrumentalists.

During the spring/summer season of 2021, the choir is working towards a Bach-programme to have online premiere during April.

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