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Anup Abraham Thomas

Born into a family of musicians (his father, the late Victor Thomas Abraham, was the Conductor of The BSM Senior  Choral Ensemble for over 28 years) Anup Abraham Thomas started playing the violin at a very young age.Soon he gradually expanded his learning to mastering viola, cello and the double bass.


Currently heading the Strings Department at The BSM, Anup is the Assistant Conductor of The BSM Chamber Orchestra and was the Conductor of The BSM Youth Orchestra for several years, apart from also being one of the members of The BSM String Quartet which has performed for a number of  dignitaries like the Swiss Ambassador, the  Polish Ambassador, the Former Chief  Secretary of Karnataka, has performed in New Delhi at the invitation of the ICCR, the Kala  Academy, Goa and The  Museum Theatre. 


In addition, Anup has been singing with the Bangalore School of Music Choral Ensemble for more than 12 years and is its Assistant Conductor, and is also presently a member of The Bangalore Men under the leadership of Swedish trained baritone-conductor, Jonas Olsson, Anup also collaborates with other bands as well as artistes for recordings and has his own band playing all genres of music.

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